At HFX Solar we specialize in sales and installations of rooftop and ground mount solar systems. With combined experience of 400+ installations, HFX Solar has the necessary skills and experience to properly execute any and all commercial and residential solar PV projects. We invite you to explore our site to see for yourself what we are really all about!

At HFX Solar we specialize in sales and installations of rooftop and ground mount solar systems. With combined experience of 400+ installations, HFX Solar has the necessary skills and experience to properly execute any and all commercial and residential solar PV projects. We invite you to explore our site to see for yourself what we are really all about!

About Us

 HFX Solar is an industry leading solar installation company with installations all over NS. We only offer our customers the highest quality products available on the market – with the lowest prices in all of Nova Scotia. At HFX Solar, we take pride and ownership in all of our work.

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Josh Howell

Josh Howell


Josh is a retired Royal Canadian Navy service member. He began his solar career in 2017 becoming the lead installer with a local company before starting HFX Solar in 2019.

Josh’s passion to help others and the environment is what led him to become part of the solar industry.

Eric MacIsaac

Eric MacIsaac

Sales Manager

Eric graduated from STFX University with a Bachelor of Business Administration with a focus in sales and marketing.  With his love for sales and experience as a roofer, Eric has the knowledge and passion to effectively lead HFX Solar’s sales team.

Kyle Morgan

Kyle Morgan

Head of Installations

Kyle graduated from the College of the North Atlantic from the Electrical Engineering Technology program as well as completed his apprenticeship in St. John’s, Newfoundland.  Kyle’s high level of skill in installing and his passion for renewable energy is what makes him a great fit to lead HFX Solar’s team of professional installers.

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At HFX Solar, our quality of work and professional attitude is what makes us different from everyone else. Our dedicated team works endlessly to maximize your solar experience. We take pride in providing our clients with the highest quality of equipment to ensure each client is able to capitalize on as much savings as possible.

Complete Solar Proposals

We will design the perfect system to meet your needs or wants for solar. Giving you the best and most efficiant system installation.

Complete Solar Installation

We take care of everything for you, paperwork for NS Power, Efficiency NS, permits and complete Solar installation.

Government Incentive

Efficiency Nova Scotia has a rebate in place that allow’s home owners to recover $.30 per DC watt installed, up to a maximum of $3,000.

This rebate is one of the best and most consumer friendly incentives in North America.


Nova Scotia is currently ranked as the #1 province in the country for installing a solar system.

This score is based off certain factors such as having one of the best rebates nationwide, great financing options, and lower installation costs.


We’re all too familiar with the ever rising electricity rates here in Canada, especially, in Nova Scotia. Studies show, electricity rates are rising by 3.3% each year.

This is one of the many reasons why people in Nova Scotia are investing in solar energy for their homes.


Net Metering is one of the most important policy mechanisms that makes solar a feasible energy generation option. Net metering essentially means that you’re credited for any and all excess power that you put back into the grid at market rate. Your system is designed to over produce in the summer months to make up for the under production in the winter months..

Frequently Asked

My building's roof needs replacing soon. Does it make sense to combine the installations?

Yes, because solar panels are guaranteed to work for a minimum of 25 years with higher quality panels lasting upwards of 30-40 years. It is in your best interest to not have to remove the solar system to have your roof redone as this can be quite costly. With that being said, roof space covered by the solar system is known to extend the roof’s life expectancy by upwards of 10 years. Your solar provider should be able to advise whether or not you should redo your roof.

Will a grid-intertied solar system power my home during a power outage?

The answer is no and the reason for this is because of safety concerns. We don’t want power being pushed back into the grid while the utility crews are working on the lines. If it’s crucial to have back up power, we would advise looking into a battery bank compatible with your solar system. A cheaper alternative would be to have a licensed red seal electrician install a generator panel to allow for back up power to critical circuits in your house (fridge, freezer, heat etc…).

Do I have to clean my solar panels?

Solar panels rarely require any maintenance, if any. They can get covered in dirt, dust and bird dropping but rain does the cleaning for you. Snow melts faster and slides off panels more easily than on a roof and only accounts for approximately a 2% reduction in production each year in Nova Scotia. Rare occasions where regular cleaning is required may happen in the proximity of certain trees, spraying operations or soot.

Can I install my own solar energy system?

We advise against installing your own solar system as there are specific electrical codes and engineering requirements that must be followed. Solar PV systems produce high voltage DC electricity that can be lethal.

Customer Testimonials

Get a quote from Josh for your solar project. HFX Solar is not a big nationwide or international conglomerate. This is a small local company with a small professional team that takes tremendous pride in doing quality work. Once you meet Josh, and get your quote, we are certain you’ll be impressed.
Mark & Eloine Piper

Dartmouth, NS

Josh and his team at HFX Solar just finished our Solar PV installation. As you can see from the photo, our roof presented quite the challenge! But HFX Solar was able to get the job done professionally and in a timely manner. After reaching out to several contractors, we decided to go with HFX Solar, partly because Josh was so great at communicating the whole process with us. He was quick to respond to any concerns or questions we had regardless of the time of day. This company really goes “the extra mile”. We wish them every success in growing their business. If you are considering solar for your home, choose HFX Solar!
Kelly Pottle

Halifax NS

From the moment Josh and his team arrived at our property they were professional, efficient and completely considerate (Every scrap of waste material was cleaned before they left). The aftermarket service has been extraordinary and at a level that I’ve never encountered before. I can easily and enthusiastically recommend HFX Solar for any of your solar needs.
Scott Campbell

Kentville, NS

(902) 701-0500

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